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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand how important it is for you to get information about the care provided for your loved one. Here, we’ve listed some of the most common questions and answers about our facility.
Extended care is best described as a variety of medical and non-medical services needed by individuals who have a chronic illness or disability and is commonly due to aging. However, extended care may be needed by anyone at any age. Extended care can include everything from assistance with activities related to daily life to more-specialized therapeutic and medical care.
Rehabilitation is important for anyone who has lost or impaired abilities that they need for daily life. Have you had an injury, stroke, surgery or are experiencing side effects from medical treatments? Proper rehabilitation care can help you get back, keep or even improve your ability to perform common tasks and increase your functioning and well-being. At Rose Manor Health and Rehab, our services and facilities are designed to give you the specific type of care and rehabilitation services you are looking for.
Children are allowed to visit our center. In fact, here at Rose Manor, we believe family visitation is an important aspect of your loved one’s improvement and is essential to their overall health!
During current times, it is recommended that a resident has two visitors at a time. We encourage all family members to continue to follow proper infection control and social distancing. However, with large gatherings, we do offer our common areas and outdoor seating that provide private space for visitation. Check out our large dining room, library, chapel and multiple courtyards!
Absolutely! We highly encourage your furry friends to visit. Pet therapy is a proven method to help emotional and mental health such as reducing anxiety, increases socialization, reduces boredom, and provides comfort, to say some! Before arriving to our community, please be sure to bring a copy of your furry friends’ up-to-date vaccination records.
Yes! Laundry services are offered in house and are cleaned by our team once a week, or on an as needed basis. You are more than welcome to also personally wash your loved ones clothing as well.
We recommend bringing clothing that you would normally wear in your own home!
We do! Our business office is always available to assist you in securing your funds within the center.
We do offer beauty and barber services within our center! Make your next appointment with reception!
Our Rehab team offers speech, occupational, and physical therapy. However, our center also offers recreational therapy which is provided by our activities team!

Our physician team comes to our center for patient and resident rounds. Your loved one will expect to see their assigned healthcare provider upon admission and usually every 30 days thereafter. However, our physicians are readily available for you in between!

August Healthcare at Leewood has their own team of providers. We also have contracts in place for Wound Care, Audiology, Podiatry, Dental, optometry, mental health, and much more! However, if you have a preferred provider in place, we certainly will assist you in transport to your appointments.

We have a licensed pharmacist who frequently conducts a medication review on all our patients and residents’ medication list. Lab results and monitoring of medical conditions are essential to decrease the exposure to medication interactions. Your loved one’s medications are delivered by a licensed nurse.

Yes! All residents are encouraged to participate in activities as it promotes psychosocial health. Our activities team provides activities throughout the day and 7 days a week. Your loved one can expect to also be invited to outings and events in the community. Each month our activities team provides a calendar to each resident of events to come!

We highly encourage family and special friends to join your loved one in therapy, attend events in the center, and participate in activities! We enjoy getting to know the families of our residents.

We Are Here To Care For Your Loved One.

Comprehensive care is front and center of August Healthcare – the singular reason for all we do and all we are.